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There are many resources available to practitioners for each stage of the Rite.  The types of documents available are listed within each

stage but you will need to become a member of the Christian Initiation Network in order to access them.

Pre Catechumenate

This first stage is a time of enquiry, questioning and discovery. It is a time in which those who wish to begin their journey towards entering the church. During this time enquirers reflect with others in the parish community on the good news of the gospel message for the development of faith. Therefore, it has no set timeframe and lasts until the person is ready to commit more formally to the journey itself.


The Rite of Acceptance leads the enquirer into the next stage, the Period of the Catechumenate

In the Pre-Catechumenate section we have documents about:

  • Impediments for the RCIA Process, and

  • Forming a team

This is the longest of the stages and can be the most flexible in approach, timeframe and structure. It is a period of faith formation and apprenticeship in the Christian way of life. A suitable catechesis is provided that is gradual and comprehensive. It also includes prayer and liturgy, works of compassion and justice. It nurtures a life completely in accord with the Spirit of Christ. 


The Rite of Election, celebrated on the first Sunday of Lent, leads the Catechumen into the next stage, the Period of Purification and Enlightenment

In the Catechumenate Section we have documents about the Catechumenate Process and document for content.

For the catechumens, now known as the Elect, this is a time of spiritual renewal and prayerful preparation for the celebration of the sacraments of initiation at Easter. The focus during this stage is less on catachesis but rather upon a deeper self-reflection and conversion to Christ. The scrutinies, celebrated during this stage, assist in purifying heart and mind.


The Rites of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist) make the newly baptised part of the Body of Christ and thus enabling full and active participation in the life of the Christian community.

In the Purification and Enlightenment we have the following documents:

  • Simplified Rites - Purification and Enlightenment

  • Focus on Lent

adapting+RCIA.JPG 2015-1-17-10:25:58

This is a time for reflecting on the experiences that the catechumens (now neophytes or new Catholics) have had over the three days of Easter. Together with the community it is a time to grow in deepening their grasp of the paschal mystery and in making it part of their lives through meditating on the Gospel, sharing in the Eucharist, and doing the works of charity.


It may also be a great opportunity to do some gift and ministry discernment with the new Catholics, inviting them to take an active part with the community in the mission and ministry of the Church.

For Mystagogy we have these documents:

  • Framework for Mystagogia

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