23 May, 2022


Greetings CIAN Members! Welcome to CIAN’s new blog posts. The CIAN Executive Committee recently decided to adopt blogging as a way to keep you informed about important RCIA initiatives, resources, and events. As a result, our quarterly Network Newsletters will be reduced in number and used for more lengthy articles and communiques. We hope you like this new addition to our ministry. I draw your attention to three items:
  1. The Archdiocese of Brisbane is offering a workshop on Sunday 26th May, 1-4pm, to help RCIA teams with strategies to keep inquirers engaged all year round. In person and online attendance available (click here)
  2. Ron Huntley from Huntley Leadership (and formerly from Divine Renovation) interviews Fr. Chris Ryan MGL on the significant evangelical impact the RCIA process can have in your parish (click here)
  3. Sharon Brewer, from the National Centre for Evangelisation, writes about Mystagogy in the RCIA process (click here)
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